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3rd FoodIntegrity conference FOODINTEGRITY 2016
6-7 April, 2016, Prague, Czech Republic
Workshops on novel analytical strategies:
Workshop on ‘The application of micro / nano systems in food safety control’

The food sector represents a very significant market in Europe engaging not only the industries themselves, but a very large number of producers, farmers and retailers. Over the past few years and after several food scandals across the continent, it has become evident that new solutions for food quality and safety control along the entire food chain as well as in-line, on-line and at-line measurement solutions are required. Micro/nanosystems can provide the answers and develop solutions that will cover the needs of the food industry for fast, reliable and cost-effective controls.

The workshop will cover the latest developments in micro/nanotechnology that have been specifically developed for the food industry. In particular the following aspects will be covered:

  • Design & fabrication of micro/nano sensors and related Lab-on-Chip modules
  • Analytical performance in the detection of food contaminants (pesticides, mycotoxins, allergens, pathogens, heavy metals)
  • Comparison with the currently used analytical techniques

The application of Micro-nano systems on food safety workshop will also address the technological challenges related to the application of the newly-developed solutions to real-life settings and applications.

In parallel, the workshop will address issues related to the necessary steps that are required for the uptake of new technologies from the industry and the means for the solutions proposed to be properly embedded in the management practices of the food producers.


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